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What is Freight Brokerage Software?

Freight brokerage software is a specialized tool that streamlines operations for freight brokers in multiple ways. It allows brokers to manage entering loads, source and qualify different carriers, handle dispatch, monitor all deliveries, send out invoices to customers, and pay carriers.

Our Built-In Features

Carrier Search

With the carrier search tool, you can find carriers’ costs from your own history or from their listed rates. Choosing the right carrier for the load can be complicated. However, this tool simplifies the process by ranking them based on your needs.

EDI Communication

We have a communication portal within the software that lets you speak with customers directly. This makes for better communication and cuts out the middleman of trying different methods to get a response. You can both send and receive EDI from your carriers.

Document Management

Keep track of all the documents associated with different carriers and jobs in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. This keeps your business more organized and makes it easier for your team to pull the documents they need. You don’t have to waste time and resources by manually sifting through thousands of documents to find one specific thing. Simply search for the doc in the web portal’s search tool to pull it instantly.

The document management tool also supports emailing invoices to your customers. This includes all the paperwork that they typically will request on a job. Think about how much time this will save you! With document management automation workflows, your logistical work is handled.

Carrier Web Portal

With the Carrier Web Portal option, you can allow carriers to see which loads you are asking them to take. They can choose to either accept or decline online through the portal. They can also update the order online as it progresses and mark the status as ‘delivered’ once completed in real-time. They can browse your Open Load Board to toggle between different jobs and pick the ones that make sense.

Can Your Software for Freight Brokers Help Me Be More Productive Every Day?


The TLS Freight Broker software features multiple ways to automate your day-to-day tasks to improve operational efficiency. The broker system will automate carrier ratings, discounting, fuel surcharges, accessorial charges, posting loads to the online portal, emailing rate confirmation letters to carriers, setting up carrier pay, indexing documents, updating the status when a rate confirmation is returned, mileage and toll calculations, EDI, email notifications for sending/receiving invoices, and more!

As you can see, our solution provides an end-to-end framework that touches each point of the freighting process. From picking up a job to paying on completion and everything in between, TLS arms your team with the resources to improve workflows and optimize your business.

Benefits of Using TLS in Your Business

Improve Your Customer Relationships with TLS

In this business, customer relationships are everything. With so many freight carrier options available, many customers work with someone they can trust and know is dependable.

The TLS trucking brokerage software solution provides the tools needed to build stronger customer relationships. There are several ways you can send invoices to your customers through the portal, so you can identify which one works best based on their preferences.

You can also subscribe them to notifications in the system, so they are updated on their freight as soon as you are. This keeps things transparent and ensures all parties are updated with the latest information.

TLS is equipped to give each customer their web portal access. They can track their shipments, view/print PODs, request rate quotes, enter orders, and print BOLs through this web portal access.

All of these features combine to create a user-friendly customer experience. The ease of the Web portal (coupled with your workflow automation and collaborative communication updates) makes for a strong relationship between you and the customer. They’re sure to recommend your business through word of mouth and grow your customer footprint.

Improved Communication Between All Parties

There are often multiple parties involved with commercial trucking and freighting. Communication can be tough between these groups, especially with load management. TLS makes communication between carriers, shippers, and brokers a breeze. The software has multiple communication capabilities; you can match the right method with the right partner.

Access to Real Time Tracking and Analytics

TLS makes your business more organized. The number of checks and balances in place allows all parties to stay updated on the latest status of all jobs. You can also set your communications preferences up to where the appropriate party gets a notification of a change in status in real-time. Carrier analytics allow users to make more informed decisions when choosing jobs based on route efficiency, rate information, and more. Make things easier with our transportation broker software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our software essentially acts as a specialized CRM for the trucking industry. You can keep notes on each carrier so your team has all the information they need when making calls, setting up jobs, sending/receiving payments, and more. You can track any activity with a vendor in the platform. This organized system allows you to better nurture your partners by knowing exactly where they stand with jobs.

Training Made Simple

Our team can handle initial training when we implement TLS into your business. From there, we have numerous helpful training resources like videos, reading materials, and more. This helps to keep your training costs down and speed up the onboarding process of new staff members.

Our platform is easy to use and easy to learn. Request a demo today to see for yourself!

About TLS

Our company has always been committed to trucking software solutions. Our vision is to “transform the workplace for the transportation professional,” and we stand by that through the latest technology integrated into an easy-to-use system.

TLS is a family business. Larry Ellis started providing trucking software back in 1975. His son Brian joined him in 1984 as the second generation of software was being developed for the DOS (later to become Windows) and Unix run computers. Tailored is now the third generation software running through web browsers hosted by TLS or on your own server.

As for our staff, TLS comprises people with a combined experience of over 25+ years providing trucking software solutions to the trucking industry.

Learn more about us here!

How Our Process Works

Step One: Contact Us

Contact us via phone, email, or online form, and we can send over an informative brochure going into detail about our freight broker software solution.

Step Two: Schedule a Demo

If you like what you see and are curious to learn more, we can schedule a demo to show you the ins and outs of the software.

Step Three: We Show You How to Tailor it to Your Business

During the demo presentation, we can show you how you can tweak the software to meet the specific needs of your business and the carrier type.

Step Four: Pricing

We will present a proposal going into detailed pricing for what it would cost to build and implement the software for your company.

Step Five: Implementation

Once all parties are satisfied with the demonstration and pricing, we will move into implementing the software.

TLS Freight Brokerage Software Pricing

The price of implementing our Freight Brokerage software depends on several factors. For example, some businesses require a more extensive layout based on the number of jobs they run consistently. The price could also change based on how many people need access to the software within your organization.

We can go over pricing more in-depth during our software demo. This allows us to gauge your exact needs so we can give you an accurate price.

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