The Power of Automation: How Intermodal Software Optimizes Rail Tracing for Cost Savings

Freight costs and carbon emissions continue to rise. Companies need to consider alternative modes of transportation. They also need to look for emerging ways to reduce their freight costs and carbon footprint.

There are many advantages to shipping freight by rail. It is one of the most cost-effective methods for transporting goods over long distances. It also has a lower carbon footprint than other methods because it uses less fuel to transport a similar freight volume.

Intermodal freight moves freight through multiple modes of transport using a container or vehicle. Therefore, the cargo itself isn’t handled when different modes are used.

These advantages are why using railways as a part of your intermodal transportation plan is a must-have. As a drayage carrier helping to move freight this way, you need good Intermodal Software (this should a hyperlink to our Intermodal Software page).

Learn more about the benefits of intermodal software for rail tracing.

What is Intermodal Software?

If you’re looking to save money, get more done, and build better customer relationships, intermodal software with rail tracing is a perfect solution.

Our intermodal software makes it easy to keep track of all the loads you need to move and your drivers. You can see when shipments arrive and go out from the exact locations. Plus, you will know when the equipment needs to be out of the rail or port because the system will tell you.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) features allow you to receive customer orders, send status information and invoices. It’s done automatically, so there’s no extra work for your fleet manager and dispatchers!

Benefits of Intermodal Software

There are several benefits of having intermodal software with rail tracing. With the right software, you can:

  • save a lot of employee time automating tracing equipment
  • provide better visibility to your customers
  • schedule drivers more efficiently
  • know where containers and chassis are at all times

Saving on rail tracing can result in getting real-time information as freight moves through the rail system. With real-time monitoring, your teams can make it easier to make the right business decisions.

Better Scheduling

Another great benefit is improving driver relationships. Your dispatchers can better track drivers to manage container availability and the amount of cargo to move. Now you don’t have to worry about detention and demurrage status or paying excessive fees.

Real-time Views

Last, yet very beneficial, is the ability to receive real-time views of your shipments. Using GPS tracking lets you know where your drivers are at anytime comes with the best intermodal software.

Have We Piqued Your Interest?

Intermodal software is revolutionizing rail tracing. Without it, companies like yours can lose valuable time and money not being able to locate shipments. 

Even if you use intermodal software for rail tracing, are you utilizing the latest technology? 

At Tailored Logistics Solutions, we offer one of the most sophisticated tracking software available. Schedule a DEMO to try it yourself.