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Trucking software solutions are all we have ever provided.
Creating solutions that are meaningful and get attention.

Simple design so it is easy to learn using features patterned after
other popular software that you already know how to use.

Our History

TLS is a family business, perhaps like your family history. Larry Ellis started providing trucking software back in 1975 on proprietary hardware. His son, Brian Ellis, joined him in 1984 as the second generation of software was being developed for the DOS (later to become Windows) and Unix run computers. Tailored is now the third generation software running through web browsers hosted by TLS or on your own server.

As for our staff, TLS is made up of people that have been providing trucking software solutions to the Transportation industry for an average of over 25 years each. We can help your company with our experience!

Our Mission

Our mission is to “transform the workplace for the transportation professional” by using the latest technology integrated into an easy to use system. Simple design so it is easy to learn along with online documentation and videos keep your training costs down reducing your total cost of ownership of your trucking software. Trucking software solutions are all we have ever provided.

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