Intermodal Trucking Software: Chassis Charges and Auditing Them

Did you know that there are over 12 million commercial large trucks and buses registered in the United States?

Trucking isn’t limited to only the roads. Intermodal trucking is a wonderful solution for getting goods and other resources wherever they need to go. However, logistics can get complicated and confusing without the right tools.

Are you wondering what intermodal trucking software is? Keep reading to learn about it and why it’s such a necessity in this industry.

Managing Chassis Charges

Intermodal trucking refers to the movement of cargo through many modes of transportation, such as trucking, rail, and sea. Intermodal trucking companies rely on trucking software to manage their operations. One important aspect of intermodal trucking that’s worth close attention is chassis charges.

A chassis charge is a fee that intermodal trucking companies pay to use a chassis. For those who are not aware, a chassis is a frame on which a container is mounted. Chassis charges can vary depending on the location, how long it’s used for, and the type of chassis chosen for the job.

The good news is that you can use trucking software to manage your chassis charges. Using the data collected with intermodal trucking software and comparing it to the chassis rental data you receive, you can see if you are billing appropriately for the chassis and also audit the chassis rental invoice at the same time! This automated process can improve your billing by increasing your revenue and it can also reduce your costs.

Other Management Possibilities

Trucking software also works wonders for managing other aspects of intermodal trucking operations. For example, you can use trucking management software as a way of tracking the movement of trucks and containers. You can also use a driver mobile application to streamline paper handling and improve driver communication.

As if that weren’t great enough on its own, many people also take advantage of the ability to manage driver schedules and assignments.

What Other Features Can I Expect From Truck Management Software?

Trucking company software can even be used to streamline communication. This can include features such as real-time GPS tracking and delivery updates.

Truck maintenance software is another important tool for intermodal trucking companies. By tracking maintenance needs, you’ll lower repair costs. This can include tracking oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections.

Are you wondering about other benefits of intermodal trucking software? Many people use trucks software to analyze data on trucking operations. This encompasses everything from delivery times and fuel usage to maintenance costs and beyond.

This intermodal trucking software information is essential for identifying areas that need improvement. That way, you’ll optimize routes and schedules, as well as make informed decisions about fleet management.

Ready to Use Intermodal Trucking Software?

Now that you’ve learned about intermodal trucking software, you can use it to boost the success of your business.

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