Less Than Truckload or LTL carriers experience a variety of unique problems that can cause major headaches for everyone–carriers, companies, and consumers alike. That’s why Tailored Logistics Solutions has developed special LTL software to solve all the problems you run into throughout your day. Explore the convenience and simplicity of our specialty LTL trucking software.

The Product of Nearly 50 Years of Experience

Tailored Logistics Solutions (TLS) is proud to be family-owned and operated. It all started in 1975 when Larry Ellis began providing software solutions for LTL and truckload carriers. TLS has been in business for over 15 years, successfully developing powerful tools for trucking companies worldwide. Brian now oversees TLS and the family’s 3rd generation web-based software.

LTL Software Features

LTL carriers must keep track of many different shipments at once while dealing with billing, requests, and issue resolution. Our LTL software is capable of managing all aspects of your business with reliability and convenience.

Easy Access

We built our LTL dispatch software on the web, which means anywhere you have internet access, you’ll also have access to your software for no additional cost.

Web Portal Features

These days, it’s all about the customer. Our Customer Web Portal allows your clients to access valuable information easily. Customers can trace their freight, view documents, receive rate quotes, print Bill of Ladings, and even enter orders. We also provide portals solely for sales representatives to keep track of their customers. These innovative elements will make your trucking business stand out from competitors.

Send and Receive Requests Electronically

It’s easy to miss order requests in piles of paperwork, emails, and phone calls. The ability to send and receive requests electronically is an industry game-changer. Our software helps you stay organized while optimizing productivity and efficiency.

Billing Features

Mistakes happen in the commotion of your day-to-day duties, but accurate invoicing is critical to the success of your business. Our LTL software has streamlined the billing process for you. Your specialized software automates many functions, including:

  • Customer discounting
  • Fuel and accessorial surcharges
  • Customer specific rating
  • Document indexing
  • Carrier-specific automatic revenue splitting
  • Cartage pay
  • Interline receivables and payables

Automatic Delivery Dates

Our intuitive software will automatically calculate transit days and expected delivery dates so you can keep your clients up to date with what to expect.

Convenient Communication

Our LTL system has a tailored mobile driver app compatible with both Apple and Android tech products. You can also integrate your new software with Omnitracs and PeopleNet communication solutions for convenient messaging.

Digital Manifest Paperwork

Smooth your processes with digital manifest paperwork check-in and automatically provide loading, unloading, and driver manifests.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Our software is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. It features a built-in dashboard and document management system to expedite your workflow and create seamless processes. Even those who may not be tech-savvy will find each feature incredibly easy to use and understand.

Versatility and Flexibility

When we created our LTL program, it was important to create something versatile and flexible. For your convenience, our LTL software is multi-company and multi-currency, meaning it can work anywhere in the world!

Solving Common LTL Carrier Problems

LTL trucking requires many complex processes that come with many pains and issues. Our immense expertise in the field has allowed us to include features in our program that solve many common LTL issues.

Problem: Exception Handling

Exceptions are any event that throws a wrench in the pickup or delivery processes. These are issues that LTL companies confront daily and can happen from various touchpoints in the industry. Suppose your customer provided incorrect information or is unexpectedly closed during delivery. These kinds of headaches can be a nightmare, but with our LTL software, you don’t have to stress anymore.


With Tailored Logistics Solutions Application Programming Interface (APIs), customers can interact directly with TLS. They may request rate quotes, observe current tracing information, and retrieve documents.

Problem: Individual Customer Systems

Working with shippers or third parties who have designed their own systems can be complicated. While this streamlines the client’s processes, it could lead to more headaches for you.


With Tailored Logistics Solutions Application Programming Interface (APIs), customers can interact directly with TLS. They may request rate quotes, observe current tracing information, and retrieve documents.

Problem: Service Reporting

Customers often expect monthly service reports to rate carrier service. As a busy LTL trucking business, these reports can be time-consuming.


TLS offers a service report that can be sent to the customer automatically. Reports can be run at any time for a specific location or date range.

Problem: Claim Expenses

Carriers seem to think of claims as an unfortunate yet inevitable expense. With TLS software, there are many ways to manage and reduce the number of claims you have to confront.


With our software’s claims module, information that may cause an issue is automatically collected before a claim is even filed! This way, the claims department can investigate problems before they are fully realized, even if your customer has not filed a claim. The claims module helps you to identify patterns and any systemic flaws, thus reducing expenses associated with claims.

Problem: Poor Routing

Poor routing, both automatic and manual, can ultimately interfere with the flow of profitability. Even high-quality manual routing hurts productivity, as it takes several hours and requires someone with immense knowledge of the area and business.


TLS software connects to RouteMax, an optimized engine that creates routes with stunning efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, our subsequent interface supplies your drivers with other relevant information, such as the maximum size of equipment, appointment times, and hours of operation. Each route is generated in five minutes or less, which can then be reviewed by the router and adjusted as needed. Publish your completed route to TLS to create trips.

Problem: Document Management

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…the trucking industry is overflowing with hundreds of documents that need proper collection and organization.


As experts in the industry, we know that document association can be a hassle, which is why our software has the capability to associate documents to orders quickly. Document scanning, email reading and uploading can all be used to bring documents into TLS as we use a few different ways to automatically index your documents. Additionally, take advantage of our Tailored Mobile application, to automatically focus, crop and take high-quality photos of documents. Once again, all the pictures are automatically indexed to orders for you!

Go Mobile!

Tailored Mobile Features

With immense technological advancement in the last decade, customers expect convenience and expedited processes. Experience the future with LTL software tailored to mobile use! Going mobile will transform the productivity of your business. Your customers will appreciate the real-time information your drivers can show them from the palm of their hand.

Tailored Mobile is the future of the trucking industry, compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Outfit your team with access to Tailored Mobile and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Allow drivers to see their assigned route
  • Keep you and your customers in the loop as they update the system with each order’s progress, following it from the time of arrival to the time they finish loading or unloading
  • Specify what fields you would like your driver to update (BOL number, pallets, pieces, and weight)
  • Set desired fields and documents as mandatory
  • Scan pro stickers applied to paperwork to verify accuracy
  • Quality, automatic document photos
  • On-the-fly order pickup entry
  • Take a picture of the POD for automatic indexing and billing process initiation
  • Digital signature capture
  • Record exceptions and other important information
  • Initiate communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Immediate information and document access for you and your customers

Other Software From Tailored Logistics Solutions

If LTL trucking software isn’t all your company needs, Tailored Logistics Solutions also provides trucking companies with various other software to assist you in the success of your business.

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Software You Can Rely on From TLS

Are you looking for more information on our LTL dispatch software? Contact us and request a free brochure or schedule an online demo to see how our LTL software can go to work for you. You have a business to run, and you deserve sophisticated, innovative software to streamline your processes and maximize your efficiency.

Let our LTL dispatch software go to work for you each day!