Tailored Logistics has proudly served the trucking industry since 1975 with innovative software solutions to streamline day-to-day processes and increase productivity. We are a family business passionate about assisting others in the drayage industry. Are you ready to transform your business? Our intermodal trucking software provides easy to use, professional solutions to manage paperwork and communicate with customers and drivers.

Innovative Features to Maximize Your Productivity

The TLS web-based intermodal software solution offers many ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and build stronger customer relationships. Many features are built directly into the application to provide you with what you need for optimal success.

Stay In-The-Know

Our intermodal dispatch software does it all for you–see all the loads to be moved and where your drivers are. Use the split screen in dispatch to see moves coming in and out of the same locations. Calculate when equipment needs to be out of the rail or port before your last free day, ensuring you avoid extra charges. You can also use the EDI features of our intermodal trucking software to send and receive information from your customers. Enjoy all these features automatically and take a burden off your dispatchers and staff.

Rail Tracing Interface

Use our rail tracing interface to track inbound containers and get ETA’s on their arrival without having to go to different rail websites. Receive automated grounding notifications for your and your customers’ convenience.

Keep Track of Your Drivers

As for your drivers, let the TLS Transformation intermodal trucking software send rail billing ahead of the drivers. This will speed up their rail/port stops keeping them more productive and happy driving for you. Additionally, you can provide them with the information they need using the mobile device Tailored Mobile driver solution. You can also settle your drivers quickly and easily. Setup their pay structure, whether it is simple or complex, and let our intermodal software solution calculate the drivers pay for you.

Maximize Productivity With Inventive Intermodal Trucking Software

Your transportation software needs to do more than just help you; it needs to keep your customers up-to-date on their freight. You can do this through automatic customer notifications, so they will know the status of their freight as soon as you do. Or, give them web portal access to do things like:

  • Trace their shipments
  • View/email/print PODs
  • Request rate quotes
  • Gain access to information with APIs

Manage Your Documents

Use the built in document management to reduce paper handling and its costs. To help even further, you can implement the Tailored Mobile driver solution to eliminate back-office paper handling, making your dispatch office quieter and less chaotic.

Easy Billing

Streamline your billing procedures using automatic rating, discounting, fuel surcharges, and accessorial charges. Email customer invoices with backup documents, reducing invoicing time and costs. Or send the invoices via EDI, again, completely automated.

Keep Your Agents Connected

Do you have agents? If so, link them into your system with our Agent Web Portal giving them access to what you want them to see. They can enter their orders for their customers, dispatch their drivers and update orders through to delivery. Increase collaboration to the level you need and build a stronger network using our powerful Intermodal trucking software!

Web-Based Solutions to Manage Your Business

With 15 years of business under our belts, Tailored Logistics Solutions solves the most common issues and pains you face. With immense expertise and attention to detail, we are dedicated to bringing you sophisticated software to help you achieve your business goals with ease.

Problem: Yard Pull

If your customer cannot accept a container, you may have no choice but to hold it in your yard until the customer is equipped to receive it. Yard pulls throw a wrench in your schedule and cost valuable time and money.


Easily modify any advance or on-the-fly order to include unanticipated yard pulls. For your convenience, the associated charges to the client will automatically be added.

Problem: Chassis Tracking and Auditing

If chassis are supplied with the container through a third party, carriers are billed by the day. It takes careful attention and extra work to audit these invoices regularly to ensure these costs are recovered from the customer.


Are you tired of dealing with financial loss from mixed-up invoices? Use the chassis audit module included with your Intermodal transportation software to track the number of days you are being invoiced to charge your customers properly. The driver can also enter when they make the pickup, allowing for accurate and reliable tracking.

Problem: Container Storage

You may have to deal with additional storage charges if the container is not picked up within the allotted time frame, causing significant losses in time and money.


Your software automatically highlights containers approaching their last free storage day, enabling you to coordinate pickups to avoid charges properly.

Problem: Document Management

Each order must incorporate various files and documents, which can be challenging to track. Nothing is worse than the headache caused by lost, mixed-up paperwork.


Our intermodal software solutions automatically associate documents with their designated order. Use the tailored mobile application to appoint which documents you want to be collected by the driver and when you want them collected. Take high-quality photographs of papers on the go and stay organized.

Problem: Customer Reporting

For an intermodal move, various parties may be interested in status updates. Because you want your customers to be satisfied, the conversations and research involved in each inquiry take up an immense amount of time.


Efficiently coordinate automatic notifications and reports to keep all interested parties in the loop, keeping your customers happy and saving you a great deal of time.

Problem: Task-Based Driver Pay

Task-based driver pay is essential to ensure each driver is paid relatively based on the tasks they complete. However, it can get complicated to coordinate payments, as simple moves can affect multiple orders.


Use our driver pay tariffs, which allow you to pay drivers for each task, including those associated with various orders. You can also pay in different pay periods for work in the same order.

Problem: Tracing Inbound Containers

Tracing inbound containers and advance scheduling allows you to deliver orders as soon as possible while avoiding unnecessary storage charges. Although this can be confusing, it helps you identify the workload in the coming days.


Tracing inbound containers doesn’t have to be so complicated and time-consuming. Use our intermodal software solutions with direct integrations to six of America’s major railroads, including UP, NS, CSX, CP, CN, and BN. These integrations automatically mark inbound containers as grounded while importing the last free day to help you avoid additional fees and charges.

Problem: Driver Detention

Sometimes, your drivers may be held at a specific pickup location or make deliveries past the allotted time.


Take advantage of automatic notifications that show you when a driver is approaching detention and when they enter detention. 

Other Software Offered by Tailored Logistics

In the trucking industry, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We proudly offer a range of software logistics solutions to best fit your company’s needs all in one application. Contact us today to find your ideal solution! One of our friendly team members will be happy to discuss your individual needs and show you how our solution can help your business with the right software.

Tailored Mobile

Tailored Mobile utilizes the latest and greatest technology to streamline your processes with maximum efficiency and convenience. Impress your customers with user-friendly mobile solutions that allow you to manage paperwork, invoices, and payroll, all from your mobile device.

LTL Software

If you also do Less Than Truckload (LTL) moves, you know that you are responsible for many shipments and must also prioritize customer satisfaction by dealing with requests, billing, and issue resolution. Reliably manage all aspects of your business with groundbreaking LTL software, accessible from anywhere!

Truckload Software

Increase your productivity with truckload software that automates processes such as rating, discounting, fuel surcharges, driver pay, document indexing, mileage and toll calculations, EDI, and more! Now that you’ve managed your logistics, you have time to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Freight Broker Software

Build strong customer relationships, trace shipments, view/print PODs, request rate quotes, enter orders, and print BOLs, becoming one of the most innovative freight brokers in the industry! Our software allows you to collaborate with customers and employees with the utmost convenience and professionalism.

Let our Intermodal trucking software go to work for you!

Take advantage of the most sophisticated intermodal trucking software on the market from Tailored Logistics Solutions. Contact us today to coordinate a demo with one of our educated team members. See what our intelligent drayage software can do for you and your business.

Let our Intermodal trucking software go to work for you!