Not About Us – Truckers Against Trafficking

Sex trafficking is modern day slavery. No one wants to talk about slavery in today’s society. After all, didn’t we abolish slavery and make it illegal!? Sadly, it is estimated that there are over 40 million slaves around the world today. Here in the United States, sex trafficking is in all 50 states and numbers in the hundreds of thousands of people. A large number of these are women and children preyed on by traffickers.

TLS is proud to help organizations that fight against sex trafficking. Won’t you join us?

Reclaim 13 is an organization that is fighting to take back 13 – the average age a human being is taken into sex trafficking. They provide prevention programs and a safe place for young girls rescued from abuse to stay. They could use your help to do more.




Truckers Against Trafficking works within the transportation industry to bring awareness to our mobile workforce. By training truck drivers and the companies they work for to be on the lookout for signs of people trapped in this slavery. Will you stand with them?







Truckers Against Trafficking exists to help people know about the problem and to train truckers to know what to look for and who to call for help. Spend your drive time wisely by listening to their podcast Driving Freedom. Join the fight!