Welcome to Community!

Introducing TLS Community!

We have been working on a website for you to be able to come to for information on the TLS applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This website has three sections.

  • The Knowledge Base section will allow you to see videos and documentation put on the site by our staff. We will continue adding to this section over time so you have more information on Transformation and Tailored Mobile at your fingertips!
  • The Community section will allow you to enter software ideas or problems you have encountered. You will notice the “thumbs up” Like button besides comments left by other users. You will be able to add comments and like ideas letting TLS know what ideas we need to look into for the community.
  • The third section is Tickets. Here you can ask a question that will go right into our CRM application for us to address for you.
  • In order to access this site, you will need to join. Use this Sign Up link to go to the site and enter your name and email address. Once we reply, you will be to use this Login link to get in. Don’t forget to bookmark the page as well!

We hope that you will fid this site helpful to learn more about how to use our applications!