Web-based Trucking Software

At TLS, we strive to make web-based trucking software applications simple and intuitive. One of the Core Principals of Transforming Transportation, is to utilize the tools you use everyday and apply that knowledge to run your business more effectively. Tools like the Internet and spreadsheets. Things that you already know how to use, but we can make even better.

Right Technology. The TLS Transformation application is web-based trucking software that has been developed with today’s latest, proven technologies to provide you with a powerful, web-based transportation software application. We give you with the tools you need to manage your business properly and efficiently. You need mobile software for your mobile business!

TLS Web-based Software

Right People. In addition to the right technology, you also need the right people behind it. What good is any software application if you cannot get support on it, or if it is not continually getting better? Our web-based trucking software solutions are designed, written and supported by people that have been in the transportation industry for an average of over 20 years each. Furthermore, our customers are involved in its future development!

Right Tools. With many built-in options for you to “tailor” the application to fit your business, you stay away from a lot of extra custom expenses after your purchase. This keeps the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your technology down. Besides, why fit into a trucking software solution when you can have one fit you!?

Our web-based trucking software offers you:

  • a web-based trucking software solution that runs on what you, and your customers have – a PC, tablet, Mac, iPad, Netbook, Notebook, Chromebook, smart phone or iPhone
  • built in dashboard for graphical views of your data to see how you are doing in real time (of course, with drill down capabilities – just as you would expect)
  • views that are easier to change than a spreadsheet and save for future use
  • simple sorting and filtering of data on the screen to get what you want and save it for when you want it
  • exports to spreadsheets or pdf reports
  • imports from spreadsheets
  • full document management capabilities built right in
  • many automatic notifications available to save you time and help you run more efficiently
  • automatic reporting setup by you, when you want it

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